Classes – Aranda & Gungahlin

The dance year at the  Liz Gregory Academy  is split into 4 terms (usually corresponds with School Terms).   Dancers have the opportunity to perform at local and interstate competitions, and to train and compete at major championships, which are the pinnacle of the dancing year, but not necessarily the most important in your child’s dancing year.


The Liz Gregory Academy has the following classes available for different grades :


BEGINNERS:  2 classes available  per week – dancers may attend either “after school” class or both which are held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4pm at the Aranda Studio, and Saturday morning at the Gungahlin Studio.

PRIMARY:  2 available classes per week – dancers are encouraged to attend both classes as this enables them to progress quickly  to the next level.

ELEMENTARY:  2 available classes per week – dancers are encouraged to attend both.

INTERMEDIATE & OPEN GRADE:  2 to 3 classes per week during Championship training period.

TEAM CLASS:  Basics are taught in Beginner and Primary Grades, but Championship level team class is available only to Championship Solo Dancers.  Regular one lesson per week, with extra classes during Championship training period.

DANCE TROUPE :  Special group of dancers who wish to perform at public Concerts, private functions including weddings, parties, and specially requested performances either for large or small audiences.

PRIVATE AND SEMI PRIVATE CLASSES:  arranged as necessary.

DANCE CAMP AND WORKSHOPS :  organized during the year at a convenient time for Championship dancers and Overseas/Interstate Teachers.


Please email Liz for further information